Tuesday, June 2, 2009

25 Years June 2, 2009

June 2, 2009 marks Gordy’s and my 25th wedding anniversary. I wanted to express how grateful I am to have this wonderful man in my life. Gordy is an honorable man; a Very Good Man and I am so blessed.

25 years of marriage to my best friend, Gordon Thomas Miller

24 cars (or some other equally large number) that we’ve owned over the years. We’ve really slowed down lately. The coolest was our 37 chevy. The largest was a Buick Wildcat (73?) and the most fun (for me) was a 70 AMX (although it caused Gordy a few headaches)

23 years old, Gordy’s age when he married me

22 varieties of iris in the front gardens. We initially planned three gardens and now have seven with more plantings in the woods and ditches around our house. Gordy’s method of accidental gardening works pretty well – particularly when paired with Gordy’s surefire weed control (Roundup)

20 years old, Gordy’s age when he became a Christian. It is this aspect of Gordy, more than any other that I appreciate about him. Gordy isn’t a religious man, he is a faithful man who is able to love his wife so well because he first loves his Lord

19 points, the impossible cribbage hand. Gordy and my dad had this wonderful relationship that often wove its way through cribbage games, hunting and wood. My father greatly shaped the person I am and I love that Gordy was as much his son as I was his daughter. 19 was also my age when I married Gordy

18 the legal drinking age (back when I turned 18). One of the things Gordy so quietly does is to take care of his friends during tough times. Gordy wasn’t afraid to stop his friends from making destructive, life-damaging decisions that we were a bit too young and stupid to recognize for ourselves

17 years old, the age I was when we started dating, although we didn’t get serious until a few months later after I’d started college. We did go on one date when I was sixteen, to a youth group Valentine’s Day dinner, at which Gordy barely spoke to me and after which I had the worst crush on him

16 years, the length of time we have dealt with Celiac’s disease and its effects on a daily basis. Gordy is unbelievably compassionate to my discomfort and never demanding despite the fact that my illness frequently results in his needs and desires going unmet

15 weeks, the length of time I carried our last baby. Our miscarriages have greatly shaped my perspective of Gordy – this man who would have been an amazing father has suffered the loss of two children, one that was old enough to know that he was a boy. The pain and loss was not solely my own and yet Gordy was my strength during that extraordinarily difficult time

14 months, the length of time we lived with Gordy’s parents while we were building our house. It was much easier for me than for Gordy and I ended up with a real love and appreciation for Gordy’s mom

13 years old, my age when I became a Christian although the older I get the more I think of that as a beginning of a process rather than a singular event. (I tried to redo it at 16) I can’t imagine what kind of person I would have become without God’s grace

12 years ago Gordy graduated from college and we moved in with his parents to build our current house. Construction, and now cabinetry, became Gordy’s post-college trade. He is becoming an artist, particularly on the pieces he designs for us

11 years old, the age our son would have been this year, had he lived

10 or less, real arguments we’ve had over the years (I really can’t remember)

9 days, the length of time we will be in Alaska this summer to celebrate our 25th anniversary; also the number of glasses in our cupboard. I buy ten break one and then the rest are safe

8 years of college, first me and then Gordy. We put each other through school. I typed Gordy’s papers. When it was all said and done, we didn’t end up with different jobs so much as different perspectives

7 pets over the years. Friday the Siberian Husky that we had to give away, Max, the German Shepherd that was my surrogate child, and our barn cats, Skeezik, Baloo, Hermi, Bob and Ping

6 bookshelves in our library with more on the way. We are readers, bibliophiles, who tend to buy books wherever we go; also the number of tomato plants in this year’s garden

5 years that we lived in Albany, our first house. It was a beautiful old house and we occasionally reminisce now about what we would do with it if we still had it

4 years that we lived in Reeseville while Gordy was attending Maranatha. He worked three jobs, including as an Assistant Pastor at Hillcrest for 2 ½ years. Gordy never considered himself the college type but he was determined and succeeded beyond his expectations

3 weeks, the longest span of time we’ve been apart which occurred in 1996 when Gordy served as a counselor at Red Cliff Bible Camp. It was tough, but worth it

2 miscarriages (confirmed) I believe there was at least one more but it occurred too early to be certain; also the minimum number of kisses I receive every day (when we’re both home)

1husband; one-and-only

0 regrets

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