Monday, March 1, 2010


This isn't a particularly clever blog - just a list of favorite websites and such.
website:, facebook (yes, I'm addicted), twitter (my new best news source) and Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (BBCs H2G2)

Favorite things: Maybe this was where I was leading to when I decided to post something about favorites. There is this woman who is a fb friend (as opposed to a real-life friend) who is constantly posting raves about God. For example: "can't wait to see how God's going to work in lives this weekend at the ladies retreat. SO EXCITING!!! Woooot Woooo!"

For some, probably deeply psychotic, reason these have the opposite effect on me. Instead of thinking I should pray for the ladies retreat (or the ladies), I think "God just isn't woot woo for me." Don't get me wrong God is my most favorite, deep to the core of me, life influencer, creator person - just not woot-ish.

The US olympic hockey team, yep, they rank a woot (assuming I ever woot'ed). The people who support my industry so that I have a good job and a paycheck - definitely a woot. God? He's more of an awed silence for me.

So when people post their "post this to your status if you love God" statements and I don't; when my friend woots and I don't; it isn't because God isn't important, rather I don't think I can do what, for me, trivializes Him. He is outside of my favorites list, greater than the people and events I cheer for and far more complex-difficult-holy-glorious than I can even begin to comprehend.