Thursday, December 2, 2010

Gluten Free

I learned that I have either Celiac's Disease or a severe gluten allergy in 2002. For the previous nine years I was ill to some degree almost every day. Since 2002, I've tried to maintain a gluten free diet. I am not tempted to cheat because I get very, very sick and no amount of chewy bread or crispy-sweet cookie is worth the weeks of recovery.

I thought when I eliminated gluten from my diet I would feel really good again but that has not been the case. I feel immensely better than I did during the "sick years" but not great. Stuff I've been reading lately makes me think that I must have either additional food sensitivities or some other autoimmune response taking place.

I wonder if it is worth investigating. After all, I don't feel terrible, just not terrific. But then, does any 46-year-old feel terriffic?