Thursday, August 9, 2012

6 Months and I'm up to 35%

Talk about forgetting to blog.  I've been remiss -- spending too much time going out and doing rather that contemplating.  That probably isn't all bad but still, 6 months is too long to delay blogging.  Not that anyone actually reads this.  It is just part of my online discipline.

I've now lost about 35% of my previous weight.  I'm considered a healthy weight according to physicians' charts and I think I look "normal" when I look in the mirror.

Guess what?  I'm also no longer invisible.  That falls into the category of "Things that Make Me Say, 'Hmmm.'"

I've also have noticed that people cut me less slack when I'm cranky and sarcastic.  Apparently when you're a fat person people interpret cranky remarks as funny but when you are normal sized they interpret them as plain-old sarcastic.  So I'm learning to guard my tongue a bit more.  I probably needed to anyway.

I was in a commercial for Meriter.  That was fun, interesting and paid well.  I'm looking into the possibility of getting more work like that although it probably is unlikely.

I also ran in Race for the Cure and will be running in the Warrior Dash.  It turns out I sort of like to run when I'm feeling good.  Who knew?