Friday, June 21, 2013

Running with Birds

Running, for me, involves disciplining myself to get out there and do it. Most runs start out with, "Grumble grumble, knee hurts... grumble grumble ear buds don't fit right... grumble grumble takes me a mile and a half to find my pace..." It seems to be my normal routine and eventually I work through the grumbles and get down to just trucking along. Last night I was just finishing up with the grumbles when I felt something hit my head. Yup. Bird poop. Grumble. Grumble.
I never thought I'd become a runner.  I ran in sports when I was younger but it was a requirement, not something I enjoyed.  Now, after the grumbles, I really enjoy running.  I hope that I'll remain healthy enough to continue running long-term.  I am extremely wary of injury but one can't plan for everything so until it becomes no longer possible I'll run.  Hopefully.  I can't predict that I'll be disciplined forever but I hope I will.

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