Monday, September 9, 2013

Harvard Business School and Women

This article by the New York Times regarding efforts The Harvard School of Business was very interesting.  My personal experience is that appearance really matters.  After I lost weight my access to men in positions of authority both within and without my organization increased.

Early 2012 vs 2010


Summer 2012

Part of the change is internal.  I do understand that my confidence and willingness to take risks changed as I lost weight and became much more active.  But, relating back to the article, the crux of the matter is that my intellect didn't change.  My ability to contribute in a business environment didn't change.  The way people related to me definitely did.

My point then is that we need to be aware that, consciously or not, we create or remove opportunities based on appearance.  In light of that, we should compensate for that behavior even when we believe it isn't happening.

Friday, September 6, 2013

In a Moment

Have you ever had one of those moments where everything seems right, not necessarily perfect, but right?  In my head I think of them as crystalline moments and I've had a few over the course of my life.  Here are three that stand out.

We were walking Max in the DNR land off Zurfluh Road.  Our path wandered along the hilltop that overlooked the Sugar River and, as we walked, a group of Canadian Geese flew low overhead.  They were so close that Max must have thought he could catch them.  He chased them jumping into the air in big bounds.  I felt an immense rush of joy as I watched my silly dog and laughing husband.

Another moment was at a place called Terry Flats.  If you look closely at the photo, you can see a tiny blue dot.  That is Gordy, reclining against the bank as I wandered in the Aspens.  The light was golden, the air was crisp and there were leaves falling gently on and around me. In that moment I felt intense gratitude for the life I have been given.

Another crystalline moment happened last Monday, Labor Day.  Gordy and I had worked all weekend on a trim job for Gordon Miller Woodworks.  We were done for the day and, before cleaning up and starting dinner and the rest of the week's bustle, we both wandered out on the deck and just sat in the cool sunlight.  Nothing special. No grand place or event and yet, once again I felt joy and gratitude that I had been gifted with a moment so complete.

I'm aware that Gordy plays an important role in these moments and all of the other ones I can recall.  In fact, I've had wonderful moments that might have become crystalline moments but for the fact that Gordy wasn't there and I felt, slightly, less complete.  Or less joyful. Less something.

I am grateful for the life God has gifted to me.