Friday, April 11, 2014

Bitter Fruit

 This (rather pathetic, dashed-off) poem was motivated by a series of news articles I'd read.  I don't dislike older white men but, in my industry, I've seen a disturbing trend of the top man holding on to his position well into his 70s.  Meanwhile two generations of trained and ready folks stand in the wings.  In my niche occupation, the few who have retired have been replaced by 30-something white males (with one brilliant exception).  Really, shouldn't we be having this conversation but perhaps a bit less of the actual phenomena?  Instead it seems to me that we are no longer having the conversation but the actual problem persists.

Hang on to power, old man
You fat, and white and proud
There is none who can do what you do
As well as you, for certainly
Those youthful, ambitious, fit, brown
Female, alternative-lifestyle’d
Are in-no-way able to understand
The complexities
Of leading
An organization of worth

Is it because the hiring decision for the chief staff officer in organizations like mine is made by a group of business leaders rather than a single individual or HR department (who might be more able to adhere to diversity goals)?  

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