Friday, April 11, 2014

Running On - Old and New Goals

While I often focus on job or business-related themes in my blog posts, the reality is that I have radically changed the way I view work and life.

I'm approaching two years at my goal weight and have built what I hope are lifelong habits for disciplined, healthy eating and exercise.  I've relegated my career to a job that I leave at the end of the day.  I still enjoy it and try to give it a good effort, but my job no longer defines me the way it did in the past.

We are all becoming someone different, but I am becoming someone different intentionally rather than becoming someone different simply because life happens and time passes.  I am just as committed to my marriage and faith as the old me -- if not more so, but the new me is happier and more able to let go of the things I cannot control.  And the new me loves to run.

For me, running isn't always glorious but it is always worth it; All of it, from the ugly feet to the achy bits.  I don't think my joy of running is the endorphins because some runs don't feel good at all; rather I think it is the understanding that I've seen something through, despite the difficulty, that makes it worthwhile.  And then, sometimes the runs are glorious, endorphins abound and I feel unstoppable.

I've signed up for two races this year to celebrate turning 50.  I will run a 10k in September and a half-Marathon in November.  I'm excited.  I'm already easily running 7 miles so, unless I get injured, the 10k should be fine.  It is the half that is my stretch goal.  What a change that is from my old stretch goals.  This one is dependent on me; my health, my discipline, rather than on others seeing my worth.

I find it intimidating and yet, as I visualize the run and see myself finishing, with Gordy there at the finish line, it will absolutely be worth every tired, pained stride.  Because even though this post has a lot of "I," "me" and "my" in it, the fact is that my running, while accomplished alone, is a "we" activity.  My successes are "we" successes.

Throughout all of my changes, Gordy has been my constant companion and encourager, my love and best friend.  I would lose everything if, by over-committing to new goals, I were to jeopardize that first commitment to love, honor and obey (yes, I did say, "Obey,") my best friend.

Old goals - marriage, faith
New goals - 10k, half-Marathon

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